Discover the art of James R. Jackson and Dora Toovey, two outstanding Australian artists specialising in landscape and portraiture respectively.

James R. Jackson (1882 - 1975) and Dora Toovey (1898 - 1986) both managed to carve out successful careers as professional artists, inspiring each other in their married years, and continuing after they went their separate ways

By the time James R. Jackson met the much younger Dora Toovey, he was already a very successful artist, having regular shows and selling to ever more positive critical reviews.

Dora, his muse in many of his early portraits, became herself a very successful and much-sought after portrait artist, creating paintings of notable Australian personalities, including aviator Nancy Bird Walton, artists Lloyd Rees and Roy Fluke, Antarctic explorer Thomas Griffith Taylor and Neville Bonner, the first Aboriginal senator. 

The information that has been painstakingly put together here displays a great number of paintings by James R. Jackson and Dora Toovey and traces their lives which they shared for over 25 years, including their extensive travels in Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland and England.

Also revealed are the extensive exhibitions and media coverage that both artists received throughout their long and illustrious artistic careers.

Public galleries holding paintings by Dora Toovey and James R. Jackson include the National Gallery of Australia, the National Portrait Gallery, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the National Gallery of Victoria, the Queensland Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of South Australia and numerous regional galler

Discover and enjoy the oeuvres of James R. Jackson and Dora Toovey.

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