Exhibitions of Paintings by Dora Toovey

1932 March Macleod Gallery, Bulletin Buildings, Sydney: The Australian Art Exhibition.
Artists included also H.R. Gallop. W.B. McInnes, Tom Roberts, Will Ashton, Howard Ashton, Sydney Long, Arthur Streeton, Percy Lindsay, A.H. Fullwood, J.R. Jackson, Robert Johnson, Vida Lahey, Fred Leist, L. Bernard Hall, A. Dattilo Rubbo, J. Salvana, Rupert Bunny,Charles Wheeler, W. Lister Lister, B.E. Minns, Ethel Carrick Fox, Penleigh Boyd, Sir John Longstaff, J.S. Watkins, Esther Paterson, Robert Johnson,  J. Muir Auld,  H.S. Power, J.J. Hilder, Norman Lindsay, Harold Herbert. Hans Heysen, Blamire Young, Charles Conder, Frank P. Mahony, Cumbrae Stewart,  Thea Proctor
1937 Archibald Prize 1936 finalist, portrait of Miss Ruth Pearce-Jones

1938 April Castlereagh Fine Art Gallery, Sydney. Official opening of Castlereagh Fine Art Gallery by Stuart F. Boyle, Esq., with an exhibition of Sydney Harbour, coastal and​ river paintings by prominent artists". . Other artists represented Howard Ashton, Alan Baker, Francis O. Ellis, Herbert Gallop, H.A. Hanke, James R. Jackson, Robert Johnson, Eric Langker, Percy Lindsay, Sydney Long, G.V.F. Mann, Douglas Pratt, Lloyd Rees, Stuart Reid, Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo

1938 5 to 18 May, solo exhibition with 56 paintings at Rubery Bennett Galleries, Sydney

1938 Wynne Prize 1937
finalist, Gum Trees Avalon and Newport

1939 Wynne Prize 1938
, Back of Barrington

1940 Archibald Prize 1939
finalist, portrait of Miss Ruth Eason

1940 Wynne Prize 1939
finalist, Moorings

1941 Archibald Prize 1940
finalist, portrait of Jacqueline, daughter of the artist; and also portrait of Janet Campbell

1941 Wynne Prize 1940
finalist, Ebb-Tide and Quiet Day, Middle Harbour

1943 Archibald Prize 1942
finalist, Self Portrait and Canon H.N. Baker M.A.

1943 Wynne Prize 1942
finalist, Nambucca River NSW

1944 Archibald Prize 1943
finalist, Lieut. A.R. Cutler, V.C.

1944 Wynne Prize 1943
finalist, Headlands, Middle Harbour; Cloud and Mountain and Sand Dunes

1945 Archibald Prize 1944 finalist, portrait of Mrs Alma Davis

1945 Sulman Prize 1944
finalist, Boys and Sunlight

1945 Wynne Prize 1944
finalist, Emily Polinis Homestead; Track to the Beach and Clontarf Beach

1946 Archibald Prize 1945
finalist, Mr and Mrs Horace Keats in the 'Christopher Brennan Cycle'

1946 Wynne Prize 1945
finalist, Balmoral, Middle Harbour

1947 Wynne Prize 1946
finalist, Spring After Bushfire, Balmoral

1948 Archibald Prize 1947
finalist, portrait of Dora Birtles

1948 Wynne Prize 1947
finalist, The Bellingen Valley

1948 2nd annual exhibition North Shore Art Society, Mosman

1949 Archibald Prize 1948
finalist, portrait of Hugh Laming

1949 Wynne Prize 1948
finalist, Wollumumbi, an Australian Pasture and Wollumumbi Station

1950 Karma Cottage, Upper Mt. Gravatt, Brisbane: Group Exhibition. Other artists included John Allcot, Howard Ashton, Charles Meere, Herbert Badham, H.R. Gallop, George Lawrence, Douglas Pratt.

1950 Archibald Prize 1949
, portrait of Murray Jackson and portrait of P. Stuart Gurr, Esq.

1950 Wynne Prize 1949
finalist, Middle Harbour, The Bridge

1950-52 Dunlop Australian Art Contest finalist

1951 Wynne Prize 1950, Newcastle NSW and The Surf, Manly

1951 Archibald Prize 1950
finalist, portrait of Miss Nancy Bird

1952 Archibald Prize 1951
finalist, portrait of Professor Bland, M.P.

1952 Wynne Prize 1951
finalist, The Quay - Sydney, 1951 and Stockton Ferry, Newcastle

1953 Mosman Art Prize finalist

1953 Archibald Prize 1952
finalist, portrait of Sister A. Pulsford of the North-West

1954 Archibald Prize 1953
finalist, portrait of Miss Jacqueline Jackson

1954 Wynne Prize 1953
finalist, Building the New Spit Bridge

1955 First Warringah Shire Art Exhibition. Other artists included Rah Fizelle, Betty Rowe,  Frank Hodgkinson, Jean Isherwood, Alison Rehfisch, Douglas Dundas, Weaver Hawkins, George F. Lawrence, Lloyd Rees, John Eldershaw, Arthur Murch, M. Feuerring, Dixon Copes, Rodney Milgate, Peter Laverty, Douglas Pratt, 

1955 Archibald Prize 1954
, portrait of Prof. Emeritus Griffith Taylor

1955 Wynne Prize 1954
finalist, Lithgow Valley, NSW

1956 Archibald Prize 1955
finalist, portrait of Lloyd Rees

1957 Wynne Prize 1956
finalist, She Oaks Pittwater

1958 Archibald Prize 1957
finalist, portrait of Dr. Jacqueline Jackson, and portrait of Mrs John Santry

1958 Sulman Prize 1957
finalist, Lunch Time, City Park

1958 Wynne Prize 1957
finalist, Water-ways, Sydney Harbour

1960s Dominion Art Galleries, Sydney: Australian contemporary figurative art. Other artists included Cedric Flower, George Lawrence, Robert Dickerson, Francis Lymburner, William Drew

1960 Archibald Prize 1959
finalist, Dora Toovey (self portrait)

1960 Sulman Prize 1959
, Native Camp, Ayers Rock

1961 Sulman Prize 1960
finalist, Storm and Sail

1961 Wynne Prize 1960
finalist, Sunlit Bush, Middle Harbour

1962 Archibald Prize 1961
finalist, portrait of Roy Fluke

1962 Wynne Prize 1961
finalist, City Lights from Milson's Point

1963 Archibald Prize 1962
finalist, Self Portrait

1963 Wynne Prize 1962
finalist, Ant Hills, North Queensland

1963 Sulman Prize 1962
finalist, Shadows

1964 Archibald Prize 1963
finalist, portrait of W.H. Lober

1965 Portia Geach Memorial Award finalist, John Antill

1966 Portia Geach Memorial Award finalist, Self Portrait

1967 Portia Geach Memorial Award finalist, with Sir Raphael Cilento, and Douglas Lockwood

1968 Portia Geach Memorial Award finalist, Isolde Hill

1969 Portia Geach Memorial Award finalist, with Self Portrait, and Miss Isolde Hill

1969 Drummoyne Municipal Art Society Art Award finalist

1970 Portia Geach Memorial Award winner with Self in Landscape, and finalist, Coralie & Leslie Rees

1971 Portia Geach Memorial Award finalist, Mr Fred Beadell

Portia Geach Memorial Award finalist, Nigel Butterley

1973 Portia Geach Memorial Award finalist, Ronald Strahn, M.Sc.

1975 Portia Geach Memorial Award finalist with E. Eason, editor, A.H. Journal, and with C.A. Butler, Pioneer Aviator

1976 Portia Geach Memorial Award finalist with Kevin Connor, Archibald Prize Winner 1975/6, and with B. Jackson, B.A. M.A.C.E., Dip. Ed.

1977 Portia Geach Memorial Award finalist, Russell Scott, L.L.B. - Law

1978 Portia Geach Memorial Award winner, Senator Neville Bonner

1979 Portia Geach Memorial Award finalist with Dr. Lloyd Rees, painter, and Dr. C.H. (Tom) Selby, Medicine

1980 Portia Geach Memorial Award finalist with John Shaw, O.B.E. (Grand Opera), and Dr. Lloyd Rees, Art

1981 Portia Geach Memorial Award finalist, Ken Hayes (letters)

1982 Portia Geach Memorial Award finalist, with Frederick Frizell (Art), and Self

1983 Portia Geach Memorial Award finalist, with "Peter Hewitt, Charles Corstorphan, and Bryan Wright"

1987 Trevor Bussell Fine Art Gallery, Woollahra, Sydney: Fine Australian Paintings, 1815-1965.
Dora Toovey is represented with From Harrington Street, Sydney, towards the Bridge, c.1932. Other artists included John Glover, Elioth Gruner, James R. Jackson, Norman Lindsay, Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Emanuel Phillips Fox, Thea Proctor, Lloyd Rees, Margaret Preston

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