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The travels to Europe in 1927 and 1928 together with her husband James R. Jackson provided Dora Toovey with the first opportunity and inspiration for evocative landscapes, in particular of Spain and Italy.

DSC04797   DSC04798

Gerona, Spain                                                            Washing Day, 1928
Oil on board,  30 x 40 cm                                           Oil on board, 35 x 45 cm 
Private collection                                                        Private collection

Dora Toovey Alhambra    Dora Toovey Courtyard

Alhambra, Granada                            
Oil, 24 x 28 cm                                    Oil, 25 x 22 cm
Private collection                                 Private collection

Dora Toovey Gypsy Quarter Granada   Dora Toovey Hill Town

Gypsy Quarter, Granada                          Hill Town
Oil, 37 x 29 cm                                         Oil, 29 x 22 cm
Private collection                                      Private collection

Dora Toovey Ibiza  Dora Toovey Toledo Bridge

Ibiza, 1928                                                    Toledo Bridge
Oil, 30 x 30 cm                                              Oil, 29 x 24 cm
Private collection                                           Private collection

Dora Toovey ValdemosaDora Toovey Spanish Roofs

Valdemosa                                                            Spanish Roofs
Oil, 35 x 24 cm                                                      Oil, 27 x 31 cm
Private collection                                                   Private collection

Dora Toovey Venice 1927

Venice, 1927

Oil, 37 x 30 cm
Private collection

Dora Toovey Hawkesbury riverDora Toovey South Coast Beach

Hawkesbury River                                   South Coast Beach
Oil, 45 x 39 cm                                        Oil, 45 x 35 cm
Private collection                                     Private collection

Dora Toovey PoplarsDora Toovey Limestone Blayney

Poplars and yellow Willows, 1931                          Limestone Blayney
Oil, 32 x 23 cm                                                       Oil, 35 x 30 cm
Private collection                                                    Private collection

Dora Toovey Australian Harbour   Dora Toovey Blue Mountains Narrow Neck

Australian Harbour Landscape, 1933     Blue Mountains, 1939, Narrow Neck
Oil on canvas board, 38 x 37 cm            Oil, 27.5 x 35 cm

Toovey How does your garden 1939 AGNSW   Dora Toovey Cattle Pen

How does your garden grow? 1939                  Cattle Pen and Turkey on a Hillside
Oil on canvas on paperboard                            Oil on board, 29 x 34 cm
30.7 x 32.7 cm
Art Gallery of New South Wales

Dora Toovey Camp - Birdsville   Dora Toovey Old Bridge going south

The Camp - Birdsville                                  The Old Bridge going South
Oil, 29.5 x 37 cm                                          Oil on canvas on board, 30 x 37 cm

Dora Toovey Building new Spit bridge

Building the New Spit Bridge, c. 1953
Mosman Art Gallery

Dora Toovey Narooma  Dora Toovey Clyde River 1960

Early Morning Narooma, 1950              Low Tide Clyde River, Batemans Bay, 1960
Oil on board, 35 x 43 cm                       Oil on canvas, 20.5 x 35 cm

Dora  Toovey Old Wharf Newport Dora Toovey Balmoral

Old Wharf, Newport, Pittwater                  View of Balmoral from Stanton Road Steps
Oil on canvas, 60 x 75 cm                        Oil on board, 29.5 x 37 cm

Dora Toovey Wynyard parkDora Toovey Autumn Mulberry Tree

Wynyard Park, 1957                                        Touch of Autumn - The Mulberry Tree
Oil on board, 70 x 90 cm                                 Oil on canvas, 37 x 44 cm

Dora Toovey The Rocks Sydney 1966

The Rocks Area - Sydney, City from Bridge Stairs, 1966
Oil on board, 38 x 33 cm


n/a                                                           n/a

Portrait of Lieut. A.R. Cutler, VC              Mr & Mrs Horace Keats in the "Christopher Brennan Cycle", 1945
Archibald Prize finalist 1943                    Archibald Prize finalist 1945
National Portrait Gallery
                          National Portrait Gallery - Read the article in Portrait

Dora Toovey Lloyd Rees

Lloyd Rees
Oil on canvas, 80 x 64.5 cm

DSC04812     Toovey Roy Fluke 1961 AGNSW

Portrait of Jacqui, 1961                                     Roy Fluke, 1961 (Archibald Prize Finalist)
Oil on board, 60 x 40 cm                                   Oil on canvas, 91.5 x 70 cm
Private collection
                                               Art Gallery of NSW

Dora Toovey reclining nude

Reclining Nude in Garden
Oil on board, 27 x 39 cm
Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

Dora Toovey Bennelong II  

Bennelong II                                     Head, 1962
Private Collection
                         Oil on canvas on board, 24 x 19 cm

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